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Friends of Annapolis Moms

Give help to those in need in our community!

Thank you for considering donating to Friends of Annapolis Moms (FOAM). In times of crisis, FOAM meets the urgent needs of our Annapolis Moms community. Your donation will help enable a rapid response to crisis in our community of families.

After almost a decade of seeing a huge need from families in emergency type situations and moms requesting a way to help, we were determined to find a way to properly vet those in need and create a safe way for our generous community of moms to fund-raise and volunteer safely.  Friends of Annapolis Moms was established to help those in need. We saw a variety of basic needs across our community from emergency electric bills being paid, emergency food when the food banks or shelters could not assist, new school clothing for children and unexpected funeral costs. 

To ensure the proper facilitation of FOAM, Jennifer Navabi has been appointed as Executive Director of FOAM, offering 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. 100% of the donors' contributions are tax deductible. of your donations will directly go to helping families in need of help.

You are an important part of helping those in need during times of crisis. When you support FOAM, you're powering the strength of our community of thousands of moms in supporting and coordinating efforts to help those moms in need of assistance. You are making real change! Every donation to FOAM is used to build a stronger, safer and more connected community.

100% of the donors' contributions are tax deductible and your contribution to FOAM is an investment in helping those in need in our community. On behalf of everyone impacted by crisis in our community, thank you for being a supporter. Please make a tax-deductible donation now. 

If you have any questions or for volunteer opportunities, please contact Jennifer Navabi at [email protected]

Please give now!